Broker Check


When evaluating a potential advisor, answers to the following questions will assist you in the evaluation process:

    How is the advisor compensated?

    It is a good idea to ask the following questions:

    • Is the advisor compensated by a management fees or upfront commissions?
    • Is the advisor independent and do they receive incentives to recommend proprietary products?
    • Do the advisor’s recommendations directly impact their paycheck?

      What is the advisor’s background?

      • Find out if the advisor has expertise in your specific area (for example, retirement transitions)
      • Understand whether the advisor or firm has an investment philosophy to help ensure your goals are being met

        What type of service does the advisor provide?

        • Ensure the advisor provides personal service, including meeting face-to-face regularly and as needed
        • Assess whether the advisor really listens to what is important to you
        • Insist on honest, direct communication, even if this includes delivering a tough message
        • Verify the investment recommendations are not a “product sale,” but truly taking a comprehensive approach to your complete financial picture

        LA Financial Group, LLC is an independent investment financial services firm committed to providing you with a direct approach to financial planning. As a valued client, you will meet with your advisor, on a regular basis. We are committed to working with you to determine a financial strategy to help meet your needs.